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Compactor Hire: Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia

Are you in the market to hire a compactor for your road construction or soil compaction project? Here at Radeski Earthmoving, we offer only the highest quality compactors for hire that are able to assist you with any compaction project you need. We understand the importance of an operator that can complete any compaction project, which is why each of our operators are well trained in the utilisation of our compactors for hire. The team at Radeski Earthmoving also service each piece of plant, so you can rest assured knowing our compactors for hire are reliable. We offer our compactors for hire across Australia, from Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, so wherever you reside, Radeski Earthmoving can supply a compactor for hire.


What is a Compactor?

A compactor is a machine that is utilised to densify (compact) various materials such as dirt, sand, gravel, cement, soil and asphalt. These projects usually are directly related to major projects. Compactors are seen as a popular earthmoving machine as it can create a compact foundation to start your construction project or job. Compactors are also popular as the compacting process allows for the ground to become more secure and reduces the likelihood of underground roots, water and flooding penetrating the ground. Once a surface has been compacted, it can usually handle more weight with the ground eroding.


What Projects Can Our Compactors for Hire Complete?

Our compactors for hire here at Radeski Earthmoving have been utilised for a range of project requirements. Some of these earthworks’ projects include:

  • Road Construction
  • Agricultural Construction
  • Landfill Compaction
  • Asphalt Compaction
  • Concrete Compaction
  • Gravel Compaction
  • Soil Compaction


Our Range of Compactors for Hire

At Radeski Earthmoving, we pride ourselves on being able to supply a range of compactors for hire that can cater to various earthworks and earthmoving projects. If you are looking to start compacting dirt, gravel, soil, cement, sand or concrete, Radeski Earthmoving have the compactor hire to complete any compaction project you require. Our compactor hire range includes:

  • 825 Caterpillar Compactor for Wet Hire

Maintenance of Our Compactor Hire Range

With our wide range of plant hire, each machine needs to be inspected and regularly serviced. Our compactors for hire are no exception. Each compactor for hire is serviced to the highest standard and regularly inspected to increase the overall longevity of our compactor for hire. We have scheduled maintenance programs in place to ensure our clients enjoy the safest work environment possible. So, when you see Radeski Earthmoving, you know our team prides itself on supplying only the best compactors for hire.


Compactor Hire Locations: Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia

The team at Radeski Earthmoving are able to supply our compactors for hire to any project location in Australia. From Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle or surrounding states and cities, Radeski Earthmoving pride ourselves on being able to provide our exceptional compactors for hire to all locations. Whether you are looking for short- or long-term compactor hire, Radeski Earthmoving offer both, so contact us today.

Looking for Compactor Hire Rates? Contact Radeski Earthmoving

Looking to hire a compactor to compact soil on your current earthworks’ worksite or compact asphalt for your road construction project, Radeski Earthmoving is the team that can provide you with the ideal compactor for hire to undertake compaction for your project. No matter if you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle or surrounding locations, Radeski Earthmoving can supply our compactor range Australia wide. With over 17 years of earthmoving experience, you can be assured we will supply you with the right compactor hire. Give Radeski Earthmoving a call or fill out our online enquiry form to discuss our compactor hire rates.


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