Construction Project Management

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Construction Project Management

Not only do Radeski Earthmoving provide quality earthmoving equipment for hire, we also offer a Construction Project Management service. With over 20 years of experience under our belts, we know exactly what it takes to manage your construction project from the conception stage right through to completion.

We understand that any construction project from roadworks and highways to residential or commercial buildings takes meticulous planning. We’re here to offer a solution to the overwhelming task of overseeing a construction project. Construction project management is a huge job that can only be taken on by those that have the experience to understand and control the scope, cost, time and quality of a specific project. Here at Radeski Earthmoving, we know how to look at the bigger picture and to foresee the constraints, risk or problems that may occur during any project. Our construction project management service works in four stages that cover the beginning of a project through to its closure.



Stage 1: Project Conception and Initiation

During the first stage of a project, we do a feasibility study and create a business case. This is really our research stage. We discuss your project goals, budget and time frame as well as seeing what resources we will need to make the project successful. We also identify potential risks and constraints of the project.

Stage 2: Project Definition and Planning

In stage two, we get approval to move on with your project and things start to get serious. We outline our timeline, noting project milestones and acquire the resources we will need to complete the project within budget. During this stage, we’re incredibly transparent with you about what we’re able to get done. We aren’t going to make false promises. We conceptualize the best team for the project and ensure they’re ready for the next stage.

Stage 3: Project Launch and Execution

This is the stage were your project finally gets to begin after meticulous planning. We take our thought-out plan and implement it, bringing it into reality. We do our best to work through any changes or issues that may arise and deliver the promises we made. During this stage, we also interact with stakeholders, customers and teams to manage the workload and allocate our resources. We believe it’s incredibly important to set up meetings and deliver frequent reports during this stage.

Stage 4: Project Performance and Tracking

This final stage before completion is where we note the progress we have made throughout the entire project. We review the key performance indicators for cost, time and quality and see how they measure up to the real-time project comparing them to what we planned for. We stay flexible and communicative through this final home stretch, so we can adapt quickly to any change that occurs.

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