Whole Farm Plans

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Whole Farm Plans

Are you ready to plan and develop your rural land to be able to get the most from your property? Consider a Whole Farm Plan from Radeski Earthmoving.

Here at Radeski Earthmoving, we provide a wide variety of services from earthmoving equipment hire to agricultural services and construction project management. However, we also offer Whole Farm Plans to enable you to see the bigger picture when it comes to your rural property. From identifying threats and assets to drought management, a Whole Farm Plan is exactly what you need to assess and manage your property successfully.


What is a Farm Plan?

A Whole Farm Plan focusses on the planning, property design and management of a rural property based on economic factors and its natural resources. We use the plan to assess your property’s physical and non-physical assets over a period of time. The intention of a Farm Plan is to develop your rural land to use its resources to your benefit. Our Farm Plan’s aim is to include your goals as well as improving the sustainability, production and wellbeing of your property and finances. A Whole Farm Plan will also cover the skills and knowledge to be able to plan a sub-division, irrigation layout and assess the potential and capability of a farm. Essentially, the plan is used to improve productivity, simplify management and include ecological issues and biodiversity into your farm decision making.

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What a whole farm plan includes:

A Whole Farm Plan could include anything relevant to your property. Check out our list below!

  • Drought management
  • Identifying threats and assets
  • Biodiversity
  • Pest plants and animals
  • Soils
  • Pastures
  • Succession Planning
  • Grazing management
  • Farm water supply
  • Developing realistic action plans
  • Land classing

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