Cotton Field Work

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Cotton Field Work

Radeski Earthmoving provide several quality services from earthmoving and construction project management to cotton field mulching and ripping as well as transport. We deliver well-maintained, reliable machinery and certified operators that will help ease the stress this seeding and harvesting season. Contact us today to discuss how we can make this season a successful harvest. We’re available across New South Wales, Western Australia, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and Brisbane.


The life of a cotton field

Cotton Fields require a lot of work from preparation, growing and finally harvesting. In Australia, August to September is usually the season for preparing the soil for cottonseed planting. The soils need to be levelled and graded to prepare for the best growing season. Then, September to November is planting season. The seeding is done with mechanical plants which can cover as many as 10 – 24 rows at a time. Now it’s up to the seeds, soil, sunlight and water to do their part. Finally, March to June comes around and the cotton needs to be harvested before the weather can damage or ruin the quality of the crop. The cotton is harvested using a stripper or a picker then once the cotton has been collected, it’s transported in a trailer or boll buggy.




Here at Radeski Earthmoving, safety is our number one priority. There is an increasing number of hazards associated with cotton fieldwork, these include but are not limited to; working with hot and heavy machinery; incredibly dusty work conditions, loud machinery, the possible need for emergency equipment, possibly being unfamiliar with machinery or equipment, chemicals and biohazardous materials. Due to the hazardous nature of cotton field work, Radeski Earthmoving ensure that all our operators are qualified to work on your cotton field. We complete regular maintenance on our machines and take part in safe procedure training. When hiring with Radeski Earthmoving, you’ll receive quality, experience and results.

Bulk Earthmoving

Radeski Earthmoving have the team and equipment to make your next cotton field harvest a successful one. Contact us today to receive an obligation free quote. Remember, although we’re based in Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia, we can move our gear all around Australia. From Perth to Adelaide and Melbourne, up to Sydney, Newcastle, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

For competitive equipment hire rates call the Radeski Earthmoving team today on (02) 6188 6003 – we’re waiting for your call!

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